Second Year Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Boiling Heat Transfer Experiment IMG_0091

Boiling Heat Transfer Lab Project - Problem statement:

Complexity of boiling phenomenon is connected with combination of phase conversion and turbulence in an area with irregular internal structure. Importance of boiling heat transfer research is determined by wide sphere of application covering thermal and nuclear power engineering, space, aviation, cryogenic, refrigeration, chemical, food and other technologies. On the basis of the results obtained, discuss the different modes of pool boiling and the importance of critical heat flux (CHF). Also, investigate the effect of operating parameters on the pool boiling. Finally, discuss how the boiling heat transfer unit can be used to obtain the pressure temperature relationship of the refrigerant.

The results should be obtained during two experimental sessions, and conform to safety, health and environmental requirements.

Database of resources

Frank P. Incropera, David P. DeWitt. Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer. 2007. Library Catalogue Number: 536.2/INC

R. A. Grange (editor). Experiments in Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. 1994. Library Catalogue Number: 621.4021

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