Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture

Software and Systems
The ability to represent my work in three dimensions, both on-screen and in physical form is essential.

I have extensive experience with:-
•TurboCAD 3D
•SolidEdge ST
•AutoCAD Inventor
•AutoCAD 2004
•AutoCAD 2011





I usually worked on the following systems:-


•Apple MacBook Pro
•2.53 GHz Intel Core2Duo,
•8Gb RAM,  250Gb HD
•OSX 10.6.7 (Mountain Lion)
•Parallels Desktop 4  (Windows 7)

Laboratory Instruments

Datron CAT3D-M6 Precision Milling Machine
Datron CAT3D-NC Precision Milling Machine
This system

offered a resolution of 2 microns and a reproducibility of 5 microns. Designs were created in AutoCAD or TurboCAD, and EdgeCAM was used to generate tool paths for the CNC machine, which was driven using Datron AV software.

Babyplast - Benchtop Injection Moulding Machine.
This system had a shot size of 10g and used the moulds prepared by the Datron CNC machine. Semi-automatic operation and rapid production of injection moulded microfluidic devices with over-moulded carbon loaded electrodes was possible.

Branson Ultrasonic Welder
This system was used to bond the two halves of the injection moulded devices, using a combination of high frequency ultrasonics, pressure and integrated energy-direction ridges in the injection moulded components.

Dimension 1200ES - 3D printer System

The 3D printer system operates using ABS polymer and a filler material to construct 3D models. It had a resolution of 250 microns in all three directions. SolidEdge software was used to produce the STL files required to drive this system, and Catalyst software was used on the host PC to control manufacturing rates.