I started Fencing back in 1991 whilst at the Sir Graham Balfour High School, and continued to fence as a club member at the Staffordshire University club between 1993 and 1996.

During my Ph.D at UMIST, I took an active role in the University Fencing Club.  In 1998, I orchestrated the revival of the Fencing Club, and supervised its existence for two years, as club president (1998-99) and then Vice President (1999/2000).
Although foil was my weapon of choice I started at UMIST, I discovered the Sabre and didn’t look back. I also spend a significant amount of time undertaking coaching experience at the club, and was awarded with my British Fencing Club Leaders Certificate in 2000.


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I also published a paper in the Journal of Sports Engineering relating to the introduction of a new style of Fencing Mask by the Leon Paul Company. The details of this publication are shown below.

RJ Holmes, NJ Goddard, K Singh, and S Mohr.
Improving the Optical Characteristics of a Polycarbonate Fencing Mask
J. Sports Engineering (2001) 4, pp 225 – 231



Recently, I have returned to fencing after over 10 years of absence, and now train with the Harrogate Fencing Club


I have recently started to fence Epee, as the club has a large number of Epee fencers.

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Whilst acting as President of the UMIST club, I also developed my web design skills, using Claris Homepage initially, and finally progressing to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
I have mounted the site I created here on my account, and this can be found by following the link below