Dr Honeydew Bunsen
Britain’s Favourite Scientist


It's official. Britain's favourite screen scientists are the balding Dr Bunsen Honeydew and his shock-headed assistant Beaker, from the Muppets television series, who have swept the board in a nationwide poll.
Ninety characters from 100 years of film and 50 years of television were whittled down to 10. The pair took a third of the vote, ahead of Mr Spock from Star Trek (15%) and the Doctor from Doctor Who (13%).  
Some 43,000 people voted in the survey, staged by the BBC and the British Association.  
BA chief executive Sir Roland Jackson said: "Kermit has been quoted as saying that they spread the message that science is not just for short round-headed bald guys and their orange-haired, goggle-eyed sidekicks, it's for people like you and frogs like me'. I think that's a very perceptive comment."  
Dr Honeydew graduated from the prestigious Carnegie-Melonhead University, where he studied quantum physics, illegible handwriting and pointless miniaturisation under the supervision of esteemed scientist and badminton player Dr Pinhole Burns. Beaker, originally a crash test dummy, attended Oxford and Cambridge, and would have completed his studies if officials had not notified security. The two co-founded the “Isn't Science Nifty” Foundation.

Britain's favourite TV scientist is a Muppet by Tim Radford